Bektra Bin Balls
Superior Granular Odor Neutralizer

Canadian-made industry-unique granular spheres offering Triple Action Performance:
  • Bektra's proven odor neutralizing technology
  • Scent release formula that activates on contact with liquids
  • Effective liquid absorption without clumping

Why are Bektra Bin Balls superior to anything else out there?

Unlike conventional clay granular products that are heavy and become greasy or hard to clean up, free-flowing Bektra Bin Balls maintain their integrity, making clean up a breeze. Anti-slip Bektra Bin Balls provide superior absorption and a consistent release of odor neutralizing compounds, giving you long-lasting results against even the toughest odors.


With a 100 liter drum of Bin Balls weighing only 63 lbs, using them is easy for anyone. Ordering Bin Balls in bulk is also extremely cost-effective.


Unlike conventional clay granular products that are heavy and become greasy or hard as rock, Bin Balls absorb liquids and maintain their integrity.


Bin Balls never become greasy or slippery underfoot, making them safer for you to use in all conditions and seasons.


Maintaining their spherical porosity and never becoming greasy or caking, Bin Balls are a breeze to clean up.

Effective when wet

Our formula provides a secondary scent release on contact with liquids to absorb them and neutralize odors in all conditions and seasons.


Bin Balls provide a consistent release of odor neutralizing compounds for long-lasting results against the toughest odors.

Where are Bektra Bin Balls useful?

  • Bins and compactors
  • Trash room floors
  • Transfer stations
  • Landfills
  • Trash collection trucks
  • Nursing homes
  • Kennels and farms
  • Agra-food processing
  • Material recovery facilities
  • Cannabis plant waste
  • Sewage and sludge

Who needs Bektra Bin Balls?

If you're in waste management, property management, food products, hotel, hospitality, healthcare or restoration services, reach out to us today for advice on how Bin Balls can help you and your customers tackle your most challenging odors.
Protect your brand and your reputation with Bin Ball's low-risk and high health and safety profile. Don't let nuisance odors be a poor reflection of your housekeeping efforts.
It's quick and easy to control powerful odors and flies with just a scoop in each bin after dumping. Bin Balls is a non-liquid granular treatment that's easy to use, immediately effective and inexpensive.
Bin Balls are suitable for myriad applications where problem odors occur, including organic waste collection bins and diaper pails.
A non-liquid deodorizer made from post-consumer mineral and all natural odor counteractants, Bin Balls are ideal for use in flood and fire restoration activities.

Don't just take our word for it...

Can you feel our customers' love?
"Bin Balls are far superior to anything else we've tried to quickly manage odors on some of our nastiest tipping floor loads. Easy to use, easy to clean and effective in all conditions, it’s a game changer for us."
Transfer Station Operator, Barrie
"I'm amazed at how effective Bin Balls are at neutralizing our toughest bin odors … we're now using them at all of our group's multi-tenant properties."
Property Manager, Richmond Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bin Balls? Bektra Bin Balls are created by repurposing post-consumer waste into eco-friendly granular mineral spheres and infusing them with Bektra's superior odour neutralizing technology. Bektra's proprietary scent formulations not only provide immediate results, but also release a secondary scent boost on contact with liquids. This makes Bin Balls ideal for odour neutralization in household waste bins and compost - and powerful enough for transfer station floors, dumpsters, and trash removal vehicles.
How do Bin Balls work? Bektra Bin Balls provide triple action performance. Immediate results are achieved as they release their coating of odour neutralizing essential oil. When they then contact any liquid, such as leachate, a water-soluble odour neutralizer is released. Finally, Bin Balls are incredibly porous and can absorb a great amount of leachate without losing structural integrity. They can absorb 21% of their weight in 24 hours and over 100% over 7 days. As they don't collapse, melt, or dissolve, they never become wet mush or cement themselves to bins like traditional clay litter treatments do.
Where do I use Bin Balls? Bektra Bin Balls are useful wherever you need to combat nuisance odours. Because they're dry don't clump and are easy to clean, they work almost anywhere. The most obvious place to use them is in bins such as dumpsters or trash cans, but even a scoop tied into an old sock and inserted into smelly shoes can be surprisingly effective.
How much do I use and how often? This will be influenced by many factors. However, in general, one treatment per week should offer good odour neutralization. Bin Balls are typically applied routinely after bins are emptied, prior to new waste being inserted, but can also be added any time something offensive turns up. A household compost bin might need a capful, a trash can a sprinkle, a standard dumpster a cup, and a transfer station tipping floor might need a shovelful or two.
Are Bektra Bin Balls non-hazardous in accordance with O.Reg. 347 and other Canadian provincial hazardous waste regulations? Bektra Bin Balls are non-hazardous and compatible with organic and solid waste handling processes and facilities. All the raw material has contaminant levels below those prescribed as per O.Reg. 347 ( and is processed to reduce many typical contaminants.
Do Bin Balls contain PFOA/PFOS? No. Bektra Bin Balls do not contain concerning man-made "forever" chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluoro octane sulfonate (PFOS). Bin Balls are created from recycled household materials, sorted, and processed to pre-clean and then further sanitized with extremely high heat.
Can crushed Bin Ball dust cause cancer? Bin Balls are essentially dust-free in active use since they are coated with odor neutralizing essential oils and soak up leachate when applied to waste. However, spreading them on high traffic surfaces like the concrete working floor of a transfer station or trash room will crush the balls. This is not a health concern since neither the raw material, nor the finished balls contain problematic crystalline SiO2.
Can I earn LEED Points using Bin Balls? Yes! Bektra Bin Balls help you make an active contribution to the environment, protecting natural resources. Bin Balls use processed raw materials collected from the municipal recycling program that cannot be recycled/reused into new products. They contain sand, soda ash, and limestone. They do NOT contain VOCs, biocides, or heavy metals. Bin Balls are non-toxic, and do not provide a breeding ground for pests and moulds.

LEED does not certify products or services, but products can help contribute toward earning "greenbuilding" status for a project,
  • Materials & Resources. Bin Balls can contribute 1-2 Points due to their recycled content, where LEED values post-consumer material twice as much as pre-consumer.
  • Innovation & Design Process. Bin Balls can contribute 1-5 points due to being post-consumer content, and because they can potentially address a need or provide a quantifiable energy saving, health, or environmental benefit in the spirit of LEED that is otherwise not covered in the Rating System.
Can I wash Bin Balls down the drain? No. Bin balls should be collected and tossed with your solid waste during cleaning activities. Additionally, Bin Balls are mineral-based and will float.
Can I throw them in the garbage or compost? Are they allowed? Bektra Bin Balls are non-hazardous and compatible with organic and solid waste handling processes and facilities. In fact, many of these facilities are using Bin Balls themselves! The nature of the product means that it will crush into dust or behave like vermiculite or perlite when incorporated into compost.